Best of the Future

“Best of the Future” will be jointly hosted by Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Fuji Television Network, Inc., and The Yomiuri Shimbun as a program that gives shape to the theme of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show – “Compete! And shape a new future.”
In this program, visitors are asked to become judges and vote for the best exhibit and such that “gives a sense of the future” and that “offers a future that they wish for.” Votes will be submitted at booths set up within the Tokyo Motor Show venue, with voters separated into two categories: those born in the 20th century, and those born in the 21st century. Results will determine the top three “Best of the Future” for the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013. Of particular interest is to see what children born in the 21st century think is futuristic and what they desire for the future, since these are the opinions of the drivers of our future. Mid-term results will be announced on stage at the Atrium during the public broadcast of Tokyo FM, and will also be offered on the website so that the results can be seen by persons who are not attending the show.

Note: The three media companies hosting this program are listed in the order of the Japanese alphabet.

Soap Box Mock Car Construction and Time Trials

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A soap box mock car construction and time trial will be held with the cooperation of the Japan International Soap Box Derby as one of the many visitor hands-on experience events. In this event, participants will assemble wooden mock cars on the spot and compete in time trials on a 10-meter long course mounted with measuring equipment. Parents and children can participate together in mock car construction and time trials in this family event. Each session is 90 minutes, with the first 45 minutes spent in a class format for mock car construction and the second 45 minutes spent on the time trials. Soap box cars (actual vehicles) and panels are also scheduled to be exhibited.

Nov. 20 (Wed) – Dec. 1 (Sun)
West Hall 3
Primarily directed at elementary school children (accompanied by guardians)
Mock car construction and time trials
How to participate
Handled by reception on day of event, on a first-come first served basis
(Participation fee is tentatively 1,000 yen)

World Food Cup

The food court “World Food Cup” presented with the cooperation of Fuji TV will be set up in front of the special test ride course in the West Hall Outdoor Exhibition Space. This event with catering trucks offering distinctive cuisine from around the world started from the previous Tokyo Motor Show. Visitors will vote for their favorites in a contest during show dates. At the previous show, more than 32,000 votes were counted and Sudan was the winner. New regions will enter this year to battle in this gourmet competition.

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