PEUGEOT 2008 Currently available
“2008” that had been introduced as an concept car at the Paris Motor Show back in 2010 will make its debut for the first time in Japan. “2008” is the specific model aiming to increase its market share in the premium segment, scheduled to start selling in Japan in February 2014. The compact urban crossover of 4.16-meter overall length, namely “2008,” boasting agility and versatility as its fundamental value targeting users who look for a bit more active lifestyle. The dynamism derived from SUV-oriented design, refreshing drive experience brought by small steering wheel introduced to 208 series for the first time, comfortability and high quality are all contributing to the excellent reputation in Europe as a compact SUV for its amazing novelty. “2008” equipped with the newly developed 5-speed ETG (Efficient Tronic Gearbox), as well as Start & Stop system that offers automated engine stop/restart function. Highly individual exterior incarnates the new category, urban crossover, while the spacious interior boasting high utility for various uses.
PEUGEOT RCZ R Currently available
The ultimate high performance coupe, “RCZ R” that had been launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, 2013 will be announced, for the first time in Japan, at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. “RCZ R” tweaked by Peugeot’s motorsport division, PEUGEOT SPORT is the most powerful sport model in the history of Peugeot. The new 1.6-liter engine generating the maximum power of 270ps has already been cleared EURO 6 emission standards, reconciling high performance, fuel economy and ecological efficiency altogether. Specially tuned suspension and 19-inch wheel combined with Torsen limited slip differential contribute to the unprecedented dynamic performance, which makes this new model a exceptionally novel sport coupe ever seen before. “RCZ R” will be put on Japanese market in the spring of 2014.
PEUGEOT 208 GTi Currently available
208 GTi is the reincarnation of 205GTi that had been the symbol of Peugeot’s motorsport activities in 1980th. The hot hatch that realizes high performance in a compact body will be exhibited at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. 208 GTi with a 200ps engine (the highest in the 200 series) mounted on the supreme chassis befitting its high performance is the top notch model among 208 line ups offering transcendental driving pleasure perfectly fit for the 208 original small steering wheel.