Concept S-Class Coupé (Concept car) Reference exhibits
Concept S-Class Coupé made its world premiere at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September and attracted huge attention. The concept car represents the ultimate luxury with finest equipment and outstanding design combining tradition and emotion, a perfect embodiment of Mercedes design philosophy of sensual clarity.
A-Class A 180 (Series production) Currently available
A-Class was fully remodeled for the first time in seven years this January and evolved in every aspect as "new generation sports compact". The aggressive, sporty styling that renovated a proportion in form of the wide & low is the biggest characteristic, and the driving performance is brought to the next level with the sporty feel. It thoroughly carries the basic value of Mercedes-Benz, “safety and comfort”.
CLAClass (CLA 180, CLA 45 AMG 4MATIC)(Series Production) Currently available
CLA is a new four-door coupé featuring a striking sporty and dynamic design. Exterior design is elegant and dynamic combining the flowing lines of the coupé body with distinctive styling. The front end follows the newest Mercedes design idiom, with a three-dimensional diamond grille and engine hood powerdomes giving an aggressive impression also achieving the world’s best aerodynamics (Cd=0.23*) and ensure outstanding fuel efficiency and exceptionally low noise levels in the interior. * Provisional in-house figure. It is powered by the newly developed AMG 2.0-liter four-cylinder inline turbo engine with direct injection with a peak output of 265 kW/360 hp and a maximum torque of 450 Nm, the world’s most powerful engine of its kind. "AMG 4MATIC", the variable torque split full-time four-wheel drive reliably transmits the engine power to the road surface.
C-Class C 250 AVANTGARDE (Series Production) Currently available
Since its debut as "190-Class" in 1982, C-Class has always been the benchmark of the premium compact segment in all aspects; driving performance, comfort and safety. In 2012, it made record sales in Japan with 15,479 units*1 and achieved “Segment No.1” *2. In addition to the dynamic and aggressive exterior design and the high quality interior beyond its class, abundant state-of-the-art technology is equipped as standard such as the driving assist system "Radar Safety Package”. *1 Reference: internal data from JAIA, JADA registration actuals *2 Based on the ACEA Imported car D segment
E Class E 400 HYBRID AVANTGARDE(Series Production/Hybrid) Currently available
E-Class is the core model of Mercedes-Benz achieving more than 12 million unit global sales since its launch. It continues to be the benchmark of the world’s premium sedans staging the latest and best technologies ahead of its time. This May, it renewed its exterior and interior design in addition to high quality combination of driving performance and fuel efficiency at the same time thanks to the latest generation powertrain. Highly advanced driving assistance systems and many other comfort and safety equipment ensure its superiority. It is powered by the newest 3.5-liter V6 BlueDIRECT engine with a powerful high performance motor to deliver a peak output of 306PS/225kW and a maximum torque of 370 Nm.
E Class E 250 CABRIOLET(Series Production) Currently available
E 250 CABRIOLET is a new model added to the premium and elegant four-seater convertible which was launched this August. The flowing and stylish form with the graceful soft-top underlines the aesthetic exterior design. It features a host of Mercedes innovations for enhancing safety, comfort, and environmental compatibility in the state-of-the-art powertrain.
S Class S 400 HYBRID Exclusive (Series Production/Hybrid) Currently available
S-Class is the Mercedes-Benz flagship sedan and has always been the world’s benchmark for automobiles in general. This year in August, the fully remodeled S-Class was launched after eight years based on the concept of “Intelligent Drive=Innovative technology with intelligence,” “ENERGIZING Comfort=Ultimate comfort,” and “Efficient Technologies=Thorough pursuit of efficiency” concepts. The new S-Class has been transformed into a completely new prestigious car, setting a new benchmark in all disciplines of automotive engineering such as safety, comfort, efficiency, and environmental compatibility. S 400 HYBRID Exclusive is equipped with the new generation hybrid system, in addition to tremendously substantiated interior/exterior and comfort features.
SLK-Class SLK 200 MT(Series Production) Currently available
SLK-Class is the first all-weather two-seater open roadster with an electrically controlled “vario-roof”. It achieved high evaluation as a premium compact sportscar, and was Japan’s top selling open-car in 2012*1. SLK 200 MT is a manual transmission model introduced after an interval of 21 years into Japan under the Mercedes-Benz brand. A speedy and sporty roadster offers the joy of handling the vehicle with the sense of unity with the car. *1 Reference: internal data from JAIA, JADA registration actuals
M-Class ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC(Series Production/Clean Diesel) Currently available
M-Class is a premium SUV comprising outstanding driving performance and environment compatibility characterized by the sporty styling and high quality interior together with the latest full-time four-wheel drive system "4MATIC" realizing superb off-road performance and state-of-the-art new generation powertrain. Excellent environmental compatibility and fuel efficiency of the ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC is delivered by the cutting-edge clean diesel technology "BlueTEC”.
GL-Class GL 550 4MATIC(Series Production) Currently available
GL-Class is a four-wheel drive model with exceptional on-road/off-road driving performance offering a comfortable ride for all the passengers in the spacious seven-seater. The new GL fully remodeled this April evolved in all aspects including design, performance and comfort suitable for its reputation of “First class SUV”.
G-Class G 350 BlueTEC (Series Production/Clean Diesel) Currently available
G-Class first launched in 1979, continues to be strongly supported by many customers around the world as the pinnacle of the four-wheel drive model. Based on the long lasting exterior design and robust body, optimized powertrain and latest equipment progress endlessly. G 350 BlueTEC is the G-Class model powered by a clean diesel engine introduced into the Japanese market after an interval of 23 years. Despite the heavy weight off-roader model, it provides powerful performance and superior fuel economy.