WPHino Poncho Mini (small-sized EV community bus concept) Reference exhibits
Hino Poncho Mini is a next-generation community bus, both friendly to people and the environment, that is easy to get on and off and runs quietly without polluting the air. Naturally, its environmental impact is low, and its low non-step floor unique to EVs provides the benefits of making boarding easy, even with a wheelchair or stroller, and facilitating storage of a large volume of luggage. The compact body of the bus allows smooth driving in the city and supports the day-to-day needs of its passengers.
WPLight-duty commercial EV platform full-size model Reference exhibits
The light-duty commercial EV platform can be applied to both buses and trucks. This is a full-size model in which the EV mechanisms and structure and the ultra-low-floor layout unique to EV's are represented in an easy-to-understand manner.
WPHino Melpha Plug-In Hybrid (equipped with external power supply function) Reference exhibits
This is a plug-in hybrid bus equipped with external power supply function useful in times of need . It can be used both ordinarily to contribute to lives as a mobile health clinic and as a shelter and clinic during times of disaster. The power generated by the diesel engine is stored in a large capacity battery which can supply power to both the inside and outside of the vehicle allowing it to be used as shelter lighting or as an emergency power supply for mobile phones and home appliances.
HINO S'elega (equipped with advanced safety technologies) Reference exhibits
This is a large tour bus equipped with the latest safety technology that provides an enjoyable and safe journey . An important role of a bus is to carry people safely . Equipped with an advanced PCS* (pre-crash safety) collision damage-mitigating brake system, Lane departure warning device which warns the driver when they are about to depart from the lane, and Driver monitor which detects the orientation of the driver's face as well as the opening and closing of their eyes, this exhibition vehicle clearly introduces mechanisms and functions to protect the safety of people. * PCS is a registered trademark of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.
HINO300 Series Hybrid (Overseas spec model of Hino Dutro hybrid) Reference exhibits
This is the overseas spec model of the Hino Dutro Hybrid, a light-duty hybrid truck popular in Japan. The HINO300 Series has been introduced in the form of models tailored to local needs in many countries/regions worldwide. This eco-friendly hybrid model is also enjoying great success in countries including the United States and Australia. It contributes to people's lives in familiar areas by making deliveries around the city.
HINO700 Series Super-Large Dump Truck for Mining Reference exhibits
This super-large dump truck is widely used in mining overseas. It is a truck of unprecedented size in Japan. The maximum loading capacity of 35 tons is the equal to that of three heavy-duty Japanese dump trucks. It supports the lives of people around the world by carrying large amounts of resources in harsh mining sites.
HINO500 Series Competed in Dakar 2011 Reference exhibits
The Hino 500Series has led the Hino team to a record of 22 consecutive finishes from 22 starts in the Dakar Rally, considered the world's most grueling rally. It is a vehicle that symbolizes the unwavering quality , solid durability , and high reliability inherited by Hino vehicles. The truck on exhibit is the truck that Yoshimasa Sugawara drove to the finish line in the Dakar Rally 2011. We have also set up a gallery where we exhibit our past achievements such as trophies we have been awarded and photos, etc. Hino Team Sugawara members including Yoshimasa Sugawara will also hold a talk show.
Model of a hybrid system for HINO DUTRO Hybrid Reference exhibits
This is a system model of the hybrid system which drives the HINO DUTRO Hybrid. It is a simple introduction to the construction and workings of the hybrid system.