WPQuon Fuel Demonstrator Reference exhibits
The Quon Fuel Demonstrator is a laboratory on wheels, dedicated to higher fuel efficiency so that our customers can achieve greater business success through our technology and concepts. Three main areas have been focused on: First, improvement of driveline efficiency is being further pursued by downsizing the 11-litre engine for the Quon CD 25-t cargo to an 8-litre engine with sufficient driveability. Second, aerodynamic parts have been designed based on analysis to reduce wind drag for more fuel-efficient driving. And third, an innovative Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) using GPS and road data to predict upcoming slopes and curves, supports drivers to improve fuel efficiency in their driving.
Quester Reference exhibits
Quester is the first in a new generation of heavy-duty trucks developed specifically for the evolving Asian markets. Quester offers an extensive line-up ranging from 4x2 to 8x4 configurations with a wide range of applications including long haul, distribution, construction, and mining. Quester is made to go the extra mile with high performance, fuel efficiency and extended uptime through the combination of UD Trucks manufacturing quality assurance, outstanding design and proven advanced Volvo Group technology.
Quon Currently available
Quon, our flagship Heavy Duty trucks developed for the Japanese market, offer excellent uptime, payload and low Total Cost of Ownership to take your business the extra distance. Available with 11-litre and 13-litre engines and the state-of-the art ESCOT-V automated manual transmission, as well as a top-level urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system called FLENDS (Final Low Emission New Diesel System) in the exhaust gas purification system. The Quon not only offers UD information system and fuel efficiency support “NENPIOU,” but also top-level fuel economy and safety, cabin comfort, and thorough after-service, taking trucks to whole new levels of smart and comfortable