Canna Reference exhibits
MITSUBISHI FUSO's Cute Truck Project was founded by female employees who wanted to create cute trucks for hard-working women from a unique perspective of the same gender. These trucks, designed especially for women, defy the traditional notion of how a truck should be.
FI Reference exhibits
Introducing FUSO, a new brand enjoying worldwide success, made in collaboration with global partners ! FUSO combines technologies from Japan, Germany, and India to create strategic vehilces for the Asian and African markets. Both its light-medium-duty and medium-heavy-duty trucks are highly durable, boasting large load capacities and a powerful driving performance.
Canter (CLASSIC) Reference exhibits
The FUSO T90 from the Showa era, this vehicle became legendary because of the role it played during the time of rapid economic growth and development of Japan. With great determination, volunteer employees from FUSO, young and old gathered together to breathe life again into this great vehicle.
FUEL EFFICIENT TRUCK Reference exhibits
「FUEL EFFICIENT TRUCK」incorporates the latest Fuel Efficiency Technology for Heavy Trucks. Combining the use of the latest aerodynamic drag foiler and power management system, a high degree of fuel economy is achieved compared to current conventional diesel trucks. The power management system also is the first to utilize solar cells in heavy trucks. It is currently equipped in the production of the Super Great.
MOVING PIT Reference exhibits
「MOVING PIT」is the “on the go” system to reach business and customers that can provide intial inspection, maintenance and oil change. It can deliver service directly to the doorstep of customers who want maximum uptime for their truck or bus fleet.
FIGHTER (Dump) Currently available
The Fighter Dump on display utilizes a deck panel with sturdy 6mm thick steel plate, giving it a robust body strength which is better prepared for the harsh conditions on the field. In any tough situation, the Fighter Dump series has a body variant to match.
Aero Queen Reference exhibits
For the discerning eye, the exterior is impeccable. From the design of the entrance leading into the spacious cabin, the main theme is hospitality. Passengers are sure to be satisfied by comforts found inside. The cockpit also provides both comfort and a commanding view to bus drivers who take pride in operating Fuso buses. Anticipating every situation, the bus is equipped with all the necessary features intended for a safe and relaxing drive.
Cutmodel Currently available
Canter brings state of the art technology to the world with 「DUONIC®」and「Blue Tech®」.Both these technologies comprise the newly developed FUSO “Hybrid System”, providing superior environmental performance together with outstanding fuel economy. A cut model will be on exhibit to display the DUONIC ® and Blue Tech ® technology systems.