KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R Reference exhibits
The 1290 R is the most extreme Super Duke ever and more radical than any of its predecessors. Only the degree of consistency with which KTM presses ahead in the development of the LC8 powerplant and the lightweight trellis frame, and combines them with high-end technology and the latest electronics, can yield the level of performance that the new 1290 Super Duke R has to offer. At a max output of 180 hp and only 189 kg of weight, it realises a power-to-weight ratio previously reserved for maxed-out supersport racers. And with a load of the latest electronic assistance systems, it defines new benchmarks for streetfighters and naked bikes in terms of controllability and safety.
KTM RC 125 Reference exhibits
The compact, three-chambered silencer of RC 125, 200 and 390 not only makes for some raucous racing sound but is also positioned beneath the engine close to the bike’s centre of gravity. This design trick contributes to centralise the masses, supporting the incomparable agility of the RC models. The racing bodywork, the narrow, flat tank and the clip-ons mounted below the upper triple clamp give the rider full mobility for committed track riding. The fully equipped multi-functional cockpit not only informs about a multitude of parameters, all the way down to average fuel consumption and remaining range, but also supports riders on the hunt for new personal bests with an adjustable shift light. The aerodynamic fairing removes the wind pressure from chest and arms, lowers helmet turbulence in a sporty riding position and ensures maximum top speed. And at the same time, thanks to the inimitable style of designer legend Gerald Kiska and the sporty graphics, the fairing tells everyone at the first glance that the RC 125, 200 and 390 are genuine super sport bikes.
KTM FREERIDE 250 R Reference exhibits
The Freeride 250 R picks up the same basic principles of this young model range by giving a motor-bike to people who want to go off-road with-out having to prove anything to anybody. Returning riders are especially not interested in bowing down to constraints, but instead gaining the widest range of options. They want to roam the landscape free from pressure but at the same time refuse to let the topography dictate the route. Enter the 2-stroke engine, which in the Freeride 250 R is not tuned for maximum power but rather for a well-balanced torque delivery and optimum rideability. The compact and extremely light-weight powerplant is not only a straightforward alternative in terms of cost of ownership and maintenance, it also makes the Freeride 250 R even more lively, agile and fizzy than its siblings. With substantially less weight, greater ground clearance and providing more agility, the handling is easier, even in extremely tough terrain. Just the thing for riders who derive their enjoyment from their trials ambitions – the kind of people for whom terrain cannot ever be tough enough.
KTM X-BOW GT Reference exhibits
There may very well be super sports cars that live up to this description. Whether it be due to their spectacular appearance. Whether it be due to their outstanding technology. Whether it be due to their breathtaking performance. Or whether it be due to their history steeped in tradition. However, no other car epitomises the term super sports car as thoroughly and uncompromisingly as the KTM X-BOW GT. Based on the X-BOW R - itself unique in the matter of high-tech, safety, drive dynamics and appearance - Austrian manufacturer KTM has created a vehicle whose exceptional characteristics can now also be experienced without a helmet. The elegant, frameless windscreen construction, which wraps protectively around the driver and passenger in the same way as a helmet visor, allows the occupants to forego their own headgear. At the same time, however, it does nothing to impair the puristic driving experience or the radical design of the revolutionary KTM X-BOW. Quite the contrary.
KTM 1190 RC8 R Reference exhibits
The ultimate power tool from KTM. KTM designers pulled out all the stops in the art of engine building when it came to the 1190 RC8 R. The rider has one of the most powerful V2 engines of our times and one of the best chassis in the world at his or her disposal - totally street-legal. With the precision to cut out the others when entering the corner. With the power and traction to pull away from them exiting the corner.
KTM 390 DUKE Reference exhibits
The 390 Duke breathes life into values that have made motorcycling so amazing for decades. It combines maximum riding pleasure with optimum user value and is superior everywhere where really nimble handling counts. Light as a feather, powerful and packed with state-of-the-art technology, it guarantees undreamed of dynamic fun, whether you're in the urban jungle or a forest of bends. 390 Duke– nowhere will you find more motorcycle per euro.