WPkode9 Currently available
A brand new coupe model “kode9″ as the world premiere at this Tokyo Motor Show has the distinction of styling which earnestly pursued the fascination of basic proportion. We effectively utilize the in-house manufacturing skill of light-weight wet carbon, hi-performance CNC cutting technology and parts manufacturing technology by 3D printer. The exhibited version has 2 litter 4 cylinders high-power engine with 370Ps Super charger on 890kg lightweight body and wears on high-performance 4 pods brake, full-adjustable suspension and so on. We hope you enjoy “wild sports spirit” which current cars lost.
kode7 Clubman Currently available
“Clubman series” is made particularly simple, light-weight and realized reducing costs to enjoy driving circuit and sports driving, It emphasizes the concept of thorough driving by removing comfortability function like movable front cowl, retractable headlights and so on. To achieve this purpose, we adopted the latest 3D printer and cutting technology to the half number of parts. The exhibited car has NA 2 litter 4 cylinders engine with tuned-up 250PS and wears equipment for various races and road rolling. The “kode7 Clubman basic version” with NA 1, 6 liters engine is being accepted advanced order from 8,500,000 yen.
kode7 Exclusive Currently available
Newly named “kode7”, open-body type hand-made sports car, took over the basic design of “ko7” which released at Geneva Motor Show in 2008. We are able to provide “the only car in the world” which meets owner’s requirements. Sharp styling realizes our design concept “Modern, Simple, Timeless” and maximum trimmed (cut?) front & rear overhang implements active and smart handling like a motorcycle. The exhibited car is “Exclusive Version” which has 230PS NA 2 litter 4 cylinders engine and wears bodywork of carbon fiber and aluminum panel. The order of “kode7 Exclusive” is being accepted advanced order from 25,000,000 yen.