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  Reference exhibits  
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  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
  Currently available  
  MAZDA CONNECT THEATER 2020 Reference exhibits  
  VICS Driving Simulator Others Vehicle Information and Communication System Center (VICS Center) provides traffic information for the car navigation system. The VICS Driving Simulator presents virtual reality of VICS mechanism like a driving video game.  
  VICS Diorama by rear-projection method Others The mechanism of VICS is represented by new technology which displays on the clear diorama using the rear-projection technology. It shows the VICS world by 7 driving courses.  
  Introductiion of VICS by screen image Others The functions and convenience of current VICS and next generation VICS are introduced by screen image.  
  Real Time VICS(Traffic Information around Tokyo Big Sight) Others Real Time VICS presents traffic information around Tokyo Big Sight.  
  Introduction of VICS Mechanism by Touch-Screen Others The detailed mechanism of VICS is introduced by a touch-screen.  
  Charging Infrastructure for EVs Reference exhibits  
  Spark-Renault SRT_01E Reference exhibits  
WP EVA Reference exhibits The EVA electric-taxi concept was conceptualised as a platform to showcase the innovations and developments at TUM CREATE. Key features of this e-taxi include a super-fast charging system, individualised overhead air-conditioning, interactive infotainment system and innovative passenger seats. EVA can be charged in 15 minutes and be driven for 200 km with the air-conditioner switched on – based on the driving patterns of Singaporean taxis collected by TUM CREATE.  
  Project-mirai Conceptcar Mock-up Reference exhibits  
  Denba TAKERU Currently available TAKERU is an electric motorcycle which can be chaged by 100v electric socket and can run 90km or 60km.  
  Denba70 Currently available Denba70 is an electric motorcycle which can be chaged by 100v electric socket. and can run 70km. A steep hill can also run easily.  
  DenbaG-Ⅰ Currently available DenbaG-1 is an electric motorcycle which can chage by the electric socket of 100v and can run 60km or 120km. Denba has many options ,such as specification for deliveries,and specification with aroof.  
WP ACN Personal Mobility Vehicle Reference exhibits This Personal Mobility Vehicle is designed for use on pedestrian walkways so that in the event of a collision or critical incident, an automatic notification is made to emergency services. Additionally, this personal mobility vehicle has a pedestrian or hazard detection system, alerting the driver to any potential for a collision or a rollover while in motion.  
WP ZieD α 1 Others The concept of ZieD α1 is Shapely vehicle for 2 persons which consist of minimum size & weight . Design theme of the vehicle are the following 3 items. 1.Enhance operability for a person who has a physical handicap. 2.Implement a affordable Fail-safe system and/or Assist system . 3.Appply aluminum alloys to the frame for weight reduction and ecological issues. The main features of ZieD α1 are Automatic parking brake system , Assist for hill start , Start inhibitor by ultrasonic sensor , Double wishbone suspension with 4 inches stroke and 4 wheel steering .  
  Electric motorcycle 「ROBOSAKU」 Currently available ・Color variations of 17 ・ (Classic type, and sports type) rich custom car ・(Rear carrier, Sissy, and bags) rich custom parts  
  Terra Motors Electric 3 wheeler Reference exhibits Terra Motors` 3 wheel vehicles is designed for Philippines` bid supported by ADB. It can carry 6 passengers, and run 100km with 48V60A litium ion Battery. Terra Motors will change the world with new electric vehicles.  
  Terra Motors A4000i Currently available A4000i is world first e scooter connected with I phone. It runs 65 km per charge and the battery is removable. This is the model changing the perception of Asian perople toward E-Bikes. It has maximum speed of 65km per hour and our original batery enables you to run more than 50,000km as total.  You can try the model at test driving session.  
  Kobotθ, COMSE Others  
WP D-Face Reference exhibits D-Face is the next-generation, dynamo equipped, ultra-compact hybrid vehicle with front entry/egress capability. Based on exhaustive study of how people enjoy driving, we designed D-Face to provide a pleasant riding experience. Its compact body requires minimal space for parking and provides remarkable maneuverability on the road. 1.FRONT ENTRY/EGRESS:Adapted front entry/egress for easy access by all ages and physical capability. 2.DYNAMO:Equipped with a dynamo, the gas station is no longer a tether on your lifestyle. 3.POWER OUTPUT CAPABILITY: At work, at play, or during times of need, the D-Face provides 12V and 100V power output capability. 4.NAVIGATION SYSTEM: Equipped with a next-generation navigation system with a user-friendly interface.  
JP Pecolo Reference exhibits Today, there are 3.5 million tricycles (motorcycle taxi with a sidecar) which have been unitized for peoples in the Philippines. Introduction of E-trike has been planed as national project in the Philippines in place for tricycles primarily due to high gasoline price and environmental problem. E-trike Pecolo has been assembled in Cebu Philippines utilizing power-train units Made in Japan with domestic FRP bodies. E-trike Pecolo are expected to spread to entire Philippines as a commuter for private transportation together with battery exchange station.
  Miletto Li500 Currently available This is the electric motor scooter with stylish design. It can run approximately 40km with one time battery charge, and climb slope smoothly. It is equipped with a detachable lithium-ion battery and can be charged with household AC100V outlet. In addition, as it is only 52kg in weight, the lightest class in the moped category, women can handle it easily. In this Tokyo motor show, we introduce new color variations, pink and brown respectively.  
WP Miletto EV100 Reference exhibits In this Tokyo motor show, we introduce a high-end model of stylish electric motor scooter Miletto series. It is equipped with two lightweighted thin new lithium-ion batteries and realized driving range 100 km. We can enjoy less battery charging time primarily due to driving range. The highest speed is 45km/h. As it is only 59kg in weight, women can handle it easily. It will be launched in 2014.
  Micro Grid Field Others  
  HEMS Control Normal Charging Unit Currently available  
  Pico Grid System for Light Electric Vehicle Reference exhibits  
  Stationary DC Normal Charger Reference exhibits  
  i-MiEV Currently available  
  Nissan autonomous drive test car Reference exhibits Test vehicle of autonomous test drive which Nissan is developing. Its target is zero fatality  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits