Parts, Machinery and Tools

Booth No. Exhibitor Name
WP / JP Exhibit Name Category New Function / Feature Photo
E1001R.W.C. Co., Ltd.
E1002NOK Corp.
  SEAL PRODUCTS,FPC Currently available  
E1004Toyota Industries Corp.
  Platform only for EV (reference exhibit) Reference exhibits We developed a platform only for EV that enables as effective use of EV's features, thereby reducing weight, number of parts and cost, and enhancing collision safety.In addition, this platform provides more spacious passenger cabin and steering angle.  
  EV Powertrain Unit (reference exhibit) Reference exhibits This powertrain unit was developed by enhancing our capabilities of power electronics and electric drive system technologies through electric lift trucks and on-board electronic products development.We optimized the parts assembly layout by integrating functional components such as inverters and motors, resulting in a compact and lightweight powertrain unit based on an entirely new concept.  
  Inverter & Motor for Ultra Compact EVs Currently available We provide the optimum system for ultra compact EVs by combining a inverter including vehicle control function with a motor.  
  PCU Cooling Plate Currently available This cooling plate is installed inside the power control unit (PCU) to directly cool the power semiconductor devices.(The PCU boosts the voltage of the hybrid vehicle's battery and converts the DC voltage into AC voltage to drive the motors.)  
  AC Inverter Currently available The AC inverter enables the use of household appliances inside the vehicle.*This inverter converts the DC voltage of the battery into household AC voltage, enabling the use of household appliances inside the vehicle. Electrical outlets can be installed inside the cabin, allowing the vehicle occupants to enjoy a wide range of business and leisure activities.*Depending on the specification of electrical appliances, they may not operate normally.  
  Charging System for PHVs and EVs Currently available Toyota Industries has been supplying automakers with charging systems designed for electric vehicles since the 1990s.To help popularize plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, we are developing both charging infrastructures and on-board chargers.  
  Voltage Stabilizer Currently available Supplying stable voltage to on-board equipment even during idle stop.An idling-stop system automatically shuts down the vehicle's engine when the vehicle comes to a stop during traffic congestion or at a stoplight,thereby reducing fuel consumption. Because they improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, idling-stop systems are expected to be widely adopted in the future.  
  DC-DC Converter Currently available The DC-DC converter lowers the high voltage of the battery used in hybrid vehicles to supply power to on-board equipment such as lights and windshield wipers,as well as to charge the auxiliary battery.We also offer a line of power supplies for electric power steering.  
  Electric Compressor for Car Air-Conditioning Currently available The electric compressor functions to cool the cabin even when the engine is stopped, thereby ensuring the comfort of the hybrid vehicle occupants while reducing fuel consumption.An electric compressor can also work with PHVs and EVs, contributing to a new mobility society in aspects of passenger comfort and fuel efficiency.  
  Plastic Panoramic Roof for Toyota Prius α Currently available Much lighter than glass, the plastic material makes it possible to reduce the vehicle body weight, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.  
  Multi Functional Plastic Roof (reference exhibit) Reference exhibits We are proposing a multifunctional plastic roof to integrate various features by utilizing the benefits of plastic resin.  
  Plastic Glazing for Toyota’s JPN Taxi Concept (reference exhibit) Reference exhibits We are helping to improve fuel economy by using the benefits of plastic to reduce weight and to improve driving stability by lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity.  
  Hard Coat Material to Meet Driver's Visibility Requirements (reference exhibit) Reference exhibits We are developing a hard coat material that clears requirements on driver visibility.  
  Vitz Rally Car (reference exhibit) Reference exhibits We are entering in the JAF Japanese Rally Championship to express the joy and excitement of handling the steering wheel as drivers like, in addition to the known fuel-economy and comfort of the Vitz (Yaris outside Japan).  
  Variable Nozzle Turbocharger Currently available The turbocharger enables a downsized engine to achieve power performance and meet emission requirements.Toyota Industries Corporation contributes to realize the society with low environment a burden through its first mass production of turbocharger for diesel engine.  
  1KD diesel engine Currently available 1KD diesel engine with TIA12VH.Mounted on 3.5 ‒ 8.0t lift trucks in North America.  
E1005Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
E2006Hitachi Metals, Ltd.
  Neodymium-Iron-Boron Sintered Magnets NEOMAXⓇ Series Currently available High performance ・ Downsizing & weight reduction ・ Low Dy  
  High-Performance Ferrite Magnets NMFⓇ Series Currently available Downsizing of motor is possible with high performance NMF series  
  FINEMETⓇ common mode choke coil Currently available Realized higher noise attenuation than Mn-Zn ferrite  
  FINEMET® F3CC Series for High Frequency Transformers Currently available Use high saturation magnetic flux density material, compact and high efficiency  
  HIDUST® Normal Mode Choke Coils Currently available Use high saturation magnetic flux density material, compact and high efficiency  
  Enameled Wire for EV/HEV Inverter-Fed Motors Currently available Inhibit the dielectric breakdown by partial discharge  
  High-strength Ductile Cast Iron Currently available For better machinability, mechanical properties and wear resistance  
  Maraging Steel Strip for CVT Belt Currently available High reliability CVT belt material/Contributing to fatigue strength improvement of high-cycle range  
  Light Weight and Fashionable Aluminum Road Wheels, SCUBA™  Currently available Excellent design flexibility and lightweight.(Excellent mechanical property and thiner spoke thickness & rim wall)  
  Advanced Die Steel for Die Casting DAC-MAGIC™  Currently available The choice of the high-performance Mold material in pursuit of total cost reduction  
  High Performance Cold Working Tool Steel SLD-MAGIC™ Currently available Mold life improvement and easy make  
  Advanced Plastic Mold Steel for General Purposes HMP-MAGIC™  Currently available Birth to pursue the total cost reduction of resin product manufacture  
  Precision Castings (Lost Wax) Currently available Original tooling technologies to produce complicated blade shape.  
  Alumimum Battery Cases for Electric Vehicles(EV) Currently available Achieved high-strength and high-airtightness in spite of thin-walled big size aluminum casting  
E2007Yazaki Corp.
  connecting car components Currently available ・Antenna Cable for Integrated Antenna ・YMH Connector ・High-Frequency Connector ・Optical communications connector ・Connector with noise reduction function for CAN communication use ・Noise filters ・Aluminum cable ・High-strength extra-fine cable ・Flexible Flat Cable ・Current sensor  
  Connecting cars with people Currently available ・Effective provision of information to the driver ・Full graphic meter(LEXUS IS F SPORT) ・Full graphic meter(VOLVO V40) ・Head-up display(TOYOTA PRIUS)  
  Connecting cars with life Currently available ・Advanced Taxi Meter ・Digital Tachograph(DTG5) ・Drive Recorder(YAZAC-eye3 LDW) ・DC charge infra Connector ・Charge Cable set with CCID ・Lithium-ion battery voltage monitoring unit  
E2008NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd.
  SparkPlug Currently available  
E2009U-Shin Ltd.
  Electrical Steering Lock Currently available Based on theft prevention and safety which had been accumulated in Japan and Europe,this product which is fused with product performance such as weight saving, noise reduction, actuating force and actuating speed technologies, and it leads the industry. ULTRA FLAT ESCL is Functional Safety - Based on ISO26262 ASIL-D  
  Door Latch Currently available We provide the product which is available for many car models by the various function variations in accordance with pursued downsizing, weight saving and requested specifications.  
  Smart Gesture Switch Reference exhibits By a high sensitive capacitance type touch sensor, it detects the movement of the hand at the distance of about 20 mm from the operation surface. It is possible to operate the air-conditioner by moving a hand from side to side and up and down. Compared to the image processing method and infrared method to be used in general, it is an inexpensive system.  
E2101Koito Mfg. Co., Ltd.
  Next Generation Concept Model Reference exhibits By combining advanced technologies with design, KOITO creates next-generation lighting-devices for illumination, communication, and expression. In addition to the basic lighting functions of lamps, our products offer the “Light of the Future”: a communication tool that connects you and vehicles by illuminating applicable areas on the vehicle body to indicate various conditions of the vehicle.  
  LED Headlamp Currently available KOITO’s LED headlamps boast world-leading lighting and power-saving performance, thanks to a unique optics control system and optimized lighting system. LED headlamps are expected to become increasingly popular in hybrid and electric vehicles soon from environmental aspect.  
  LED Rear Combination Lamp Currently available By using LEDs as the light source, this rear combination lamp offers higher power efficiency, longer life, and better space-saving design than the conventional incandescent-type lamps. The LED rear combination lamp improves safety for the following vehicles, increases fuel economy, and also enables innovative lamp designs.  
  Adaptive Driving Beam Headlamp Currently available The Adaptive Driving Beam is next-generation headlamp system offers the optimal visibility for safer driving by improving the driver’s forward vision with the help of the installed camera that recognizes vehicles located ahead. The headlamp lighting is controlled automatically to increase visibility while minimizing glare to preceding and oncoming traffic.  
  Other Lamp Functions Using LED Light Source Currently available Power-efficient and long-lasting LEDs are being used as the light source for a variety of lamp functions, including not only headlamps and rear combination lamps but also daytime running lamps and fog lamps, etc.  
  Domestic and Global Products Currently available KOITO Group operates globally in 10 countries outside Japan. We are aggressively developing value-added products, such as LED headlamps, discharge headlamps and the Adaptive Driving Beam headlamp, etc. At the same time, we are also developing headlamps for low-priced vehicles in emerging countries, and other products tailored to market needs. Such efforts come with transfer of KOITO technologies to KOITO Group companies and establishing a complementary supply structure among KOITO Group companies.  
E2102Tokai Rika Co., Ltd.
  Reference exhibits  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
E2103Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.
  Environment friendly next generation lighting system Others  
  Curved center display Others  
  Accessories Lamp Others  
  LED Device for automotive Others  
  Winning machin HONDA NSX '95 Du Mans 24 hours race GT2 Reference exhibits  
E2104Car Mate Mfg. Co., Ltd.
WP DriveMate +NAVI Others This app integrates existing car ahead detection app technology and drive recorder app technology with a new AR navigation function. [Vehicle ahead detection function] Images of the car ahead taken using the iPhone’s camera are analyzed. The app judges whether you are driving at a suitable distance from the car ahead according to speed, and indicates the results as a 3-color AR display. It also notifies you when the car ahead starts driving after stopping at a red light. [Drive recorder function] This app records video for 10 seconds before and after an impact occurs. Video can also be recorded manually. [AR Navigation function] Frequently used items such as destination and arrival time are shown in large, simple displays for ease of viewing. When approaching a guidance point, AR markers emphasize the direction information and a map is automatically displayed on the right side of the screen. [Community Game]  
WP d-SafetyCam Reference exhibits The device streams the video to your smartphone or tablet over wireless network. The front vehicle recognition app such as DriveMate SafetyCam is expected to use with this device. It can also be used for monitoring. User can set the smartphone wherever they want. it has big flexibility because app doesn’t requires smartphone camera. Example of combination with image recognition app demonstrating center of the booth, inside of the car. d is abbreviation of DriveMate Connect and means devices which connectable with app.  
WP RoboHolder Reference exhibits Robot type next-gen smartphone holder can hold your smartphone and charges it automatically. Display direction adjusted by operating touch panel. When holder is not used, hides itself in the car. Demonstrating center of booth, inside of the car.  
WP RoboTray Reference exhibits Robot type next-gen cup tray, keep your cup horizontal though road conditions and acceleration of the car. Demonstrating center of the booth, inside of the car.  
  αBabyCam Reference exhibits Allows you to check the condition of child at back seat while driving which is usually can't check while driving. “dBabyCam” streams the video to smartphone or tablet over wireless network. App recognizes face expressions and let you know the child condition has been worried about.  
  d-BabyCam Reference exhibits The device streams the video of child at back seat to your smartphone or tablet over wireless network. Used with app named “αBabyCam”. It can mounted headrest or assist grip.  
WP αSafetyCam Reference exhibits αSafetyCam app also has feature of front car recognition as we developed for DriveMate SafetyCam app. In addition αSafetyCam app can recognize traffic signs and traffic signals. In this exhibit, you can experience red signal recognition and excessive speed triggered fragrance sandblast.  
WP Fragrance jet Reference exhibits  
WP d-OBD Reference exhibits The device obtains various information of vehicles OBD2 connector and transmit to smartphone over Bluetooth. App lets you check the vehicle information in various styles. Obtained vehicle information count is 8 times more than existing product of DriveMate Connect DX500.  
  Touch start Others  
  Reference exhibits  
  Reference exhibits  
E2106Datasystem Co., Ltd.
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
  Currently available  
E2107TS Tech Co., Ltd.
WP “Aibou” Seat,Seat that Recognizes You Reference exhibits Aibou seat is created by Za laboratory (Za=Sitting), one of our activity for product development. Through Za laboratory, we examine the science and philosophy behind “Sitting Down.” We would like to understand the passenger and to suggest the passenger’s ideal “Suwaru (Sitting down)” with Aibou seat. As a first step, we have developed a prototype of Aibou seat which detects somatotype and posture of a passenger, and adjusts each device for the passenger.
WP Drowsiness Reduction Seat Reference exhibits Detect the driver’s respiratory alternation with respiratory sensor, and determine a state of low arousal. A vibration motor in the seat back is periodically activated by the determination to reduce drowsiness.
WP Ultra-Lightweight SEAT FRAME Reference exhibits Using the CFRP, lightweight and strong material, enabled the frame to have the same strength as metal with reduced Weight.
WP Amazing Seat for a Motorcycle Reference exhibits ・Surprised when you sit! Who expected such features as seat adjustment and massage functions for Motorcycle? ・Surprised when you see! A novel seat surface design with genuine leather, metallic look material, and illuminating welt cord line will attract everyone’s attention.
  Ornament with Advanced and Traditional Collaboration Reference exhibits TS has developed Japanese Synthetic lacquer which has great texture with extremely sophisticated appearance. This TS original door trim has illumination function with low price and delicate stitch/sawing technics .  
  Comfort Seat for Minivan Reference exhibits TS has adopted the concept of “ideal posture”, thinking that ideal posture equals to neutral posture with no intentional muscle, from previous Tokyo Motor Show into minivan. TS provides the most comfortable seat by adopting Ottoman, Seat Back Bending Frame, non-step adjustable Armrest.  
  Currently available Passenger can store a seat slowly and safely, and pull up a seat lightly and easily with dive down mechanism. Furthermore, compared with previous model, weight is reduced by 10%.  
E2108Mitsuba Corp.
  Reversing Wiper Motor Currently available The world's smallest and most lightweight motor with a built-in control unit. It provides stable wiping operations through various technologies such as speed and position controls without being affected by rainfall and other driving conditions.  
  Rear Wiper Motor Currently available The world smallest, most lightweight and quiet rear wiper motor realized by the optimized electromagnetic circuit and bearing efficiency and structure. It provides excellent EMC performance and a good layout flexibility.  
  MITSUBA Original Flat Blade Currently available The world's best low profile flat wiper blade with a refreshed design and an unified appearance to the vehicle.  
  New Windshield Washer Pump and Self-oscillating Nozzle Reference exhibits ■ Washer pump -Washer pump with more than 50 % higher discharging pressure than the conventional models. ■ Washer nozzle -High performance washer nozzle with a unique flow passage design providing self-oscillating flow.  
WP Active Force Pedal Actuator Reference exhibits Actuator used in the system to support fuel-efficient and safe driving, which prevents too much pressing down on the accelerator and warns the vehicle operator that his/her car is getting too close to the car ahead by giving a reaction force to push back the accelerator pedal.  
  Brushless Fan Motor and MA Fan Currently available Sensorless and brushless fan motor with a built-in controller. In combination with our original fan, it enjoys low noise, high efficiency and high durability.  
  Electric Servo Brake Motor Currently available Brushless motor for electric servo brake system. When controlled in synchronization with a regenerative brake, it can contribute to mileage improvement in electric and hybrid vehicles.  
  Starter Motor for Automobiles (with Start-Stop System) Currently available Starter motor available for Start-Stop System. This advanced model is developed from the conventional design of our compact, lightweight starter motors with layout flexibility, and provides quiet operation and a long service life (11 times longer than the conventional models).  
  Electric Power Steering Motor Currently available Brushless motor for electric power steering system. With newly-adopted structure, it has achieved compact, high output, low noise and low vibration features and significantly-improved steering feeling.  
  Electric equipment for Motoecycles and Scooters Currently available Mitsuba, on a worldwide basis, has been developing, producing and supplying many kinds of electric equipment for motorcycles and scooters including starter motors, for which we have the largest market share in the world, and fuel pump modules. We have production sites in Asia and around the world so as to respond to our customers' needs.  
WP Drive Unit for Light Electric Motorcycles Reference exhibits Drive unit for light electric motorcycles composed of an integrated combination of a small-diameter, flat-shaped, high-efficiency and less-rare-earth DC brushless IPM motor and a gear reducer.  
  Switched Reluctance Motor & Driver for Small Electric Vehicles Reference exhibits Simply-structured motor without permanent magnets and commutator, that is capable of rotating at high speed and thus appropriate for applications such as small electric vehicles requiring high-speed capability.  
  Induction Motor for Small Electric Vehicles Reference exhibits Simply-structured motor without permanent magnets and commutator, that is capable of rotating at high speed and thus appropriate for applications such as small electric vehicles requiring high-speed capability.  
  Brushless Flat Motor for Small Electric Vehicles Reference exhibits Motor compact enough to be installed inside a vehicle wheel and thus suitable for small electric vehicles in which interior comfort and carrying capacity are of major concern to customers.  
  Mitsuba Autonomous Traveling Robot Experimental Model "MATE" Reference exhibits Mobile robot made by combining the autonomous travel technology with the compact omnidirectional drive unit for indoor personal mobility vehicles. It is designed to act autonomously, for example, travel through a given route avoiding obstacles.  
E2110Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
  Wiring Harnesses Based on Aluminium Wires Currently available  
  Automotive High-speed Optical LAN Currently available  
  Next Generation Central Gateway Reference exhibits  
  Battery Wiring Module for HEV Currently available  
  PHEV/EV Charging Connector Currently available  
  Chargeable and Dischargeable On-board Charger for PHEV/EV Reference exhibits  
  Wireless Charging System Reference exhibits  
  Home Energy Management System Gateway Currently available  
  I2V Cooperative System Utilizing 700MHz ITS Band Currently available  
E2201Kyosan Denki Co., Ltd.
  Diesel fuel filter Reference exhibits KYOSAN DENKI proposes a large selection of fuel filters, which support comfort driving in all sorts of fuel and vehicle conditions. Especially, our multiple filtration system provides utmost protection for fuel injection system under the area of severe environmental conditions. Our originally developed filter material and structure offer high-efficiency separation capability of minute foreign material and micro water particle from fuel, and realize down-sizing of the products and high performance and reliability at the same time. We, with our wide variation of products, aim to contribute for improvement of driving performance and reliability of every vehicle in the world from passenger cars, commercial truck and construction vehicle.  
  Plug-in Relay Series Currently available ANDEN provides a wide range of ISO ,SAE-certified plug-in relays. Using high conductive metals and high efficiency magnetic circuit,it features low heat generation and power saving.And also durability performance is improved due to the ANDEN unique auto contact pressure adjustment technology.  
  Power PCB Relay Currently available ANDEN has created the smallest high current capacity PCB relays in its class, which can replace a 20A plug-in relay.The power PCB relay is available in two models with a different value of coil resistance to meet different requireiments for low heat generation and power-saving.This series enable the creation of smaller and higher density packaging assemblies including junction boxes.  
  Vehicle approaching alert system Currently available For quieter vehicles such as HEV/EV, when traveling at low speed by motor, this system generates the artificial motor running sound to inform the vehicle approaching or presence to pedestrian. During the vehicle traveling under approx.25km/h or reverse traveling , this system generates the sound automatically to alert pedestrians the vehicle approaching.  
  Intelligent Relay Currently available Intelligent relay which has body system functions such as the door-lock and the wiper can be used with the sense of a relay in compact package. Flexibility and low cost are realized by new multipurpose customized IC with various functions, and mass production by automatic line.  
  Buzzer Currently available ANDEN offers a variety of vehicle interior buzzers and exterior waterproof buzzers for many applications. With a high -performance piezoelectric vibrator , in spite of its small and light package, they produce different beeps and volumes suited for their usage.  
  High voltage Relay Series Currently available ANDEN provides High voltage relays for HEV/EV. They features safety for flammable gas and current-breaking performance by unsealed structure. And also we achieved 54%-volume reduction compared to the conventional type.  
JP Interactive Communication Cockpit Reference exhibits The Interactive Communication Cockpit is filled with DENSO's proprietary sensing and human machine interface (HMI) technologies, and is designed to provide visitors with an experience of near-future driving that DENSO envisions.  
E2202Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.
WP 144V output lithium-ion battery pack Reference exhibits Utilizing the performance of compact and light lithium-ion battery pack to the full, and achieve HEV battery pack including battery management system To make necessary function into one pack by installing high voltage relay, current sensor and SD  
WP Stereo Camera for Next Generation EyeSight Reference exhibits Realizes advanced braking control by use of color imager / brake lamp recognition. Achieved 40% wider angle and longer range by performance increase.  
WP HEV Motor Reference exhibits Rectangular wire winding realizes high torque density and high efficiency. Reduction of torque ripple  
WP ESC-Boost Reference exhibits Zero vacuum brake system which has ESC and re-generation functions for small vehicle. It can be upgraded to re-generation brake system without additional hardware. Easy to expand to ITS by silent and high durability unit.  
  Smart Access, Intelligent VOICE link SD AV Navigation Currently available “Intelligent VOICE” : Newly developed free and natural speech voice recognition/search engine. Unprecedented recognition and hit ratio made possible with Google Voice Search + Cloud.  
  Full Digital Speaker System “01 DRIVE” Currently available World’s First Full-Digital Speaker System Balance Next-Generation pure sound and unprecedented energy saving. The D/A conversion and analog circuitry that contribute to sound quality loss are nonexistent, and the source’s digital signal directly drives the speakers. Integration with a highly efficient Multi D-class driver enables it to offer a combination of extreme energy efficiency and pure,high-quality sound.  
  Automatic Parking System (Reference exhibit) Reference exhibits Peripheral detection operated by automotive control technology and image recognition realize vehicle control. It detects parking space, stationary object and moving object.  
E3011Tachi-S Co., Ltd.
  TTK frame Reference exhibits TTK frame is a standard framework having safety, light weight, compact and high versatility. For the variation of car model specification, it can cope by adding on equipment specifications without the change of the frame.  
  Future Seat Concept Reference exhibits By pursuing the basic function as the automotive seat, this is the seat with the ideal form being considered from zero. TACHI-S suggests a future seat released from various limitation imposed on a current seat.  
E3105Toyota Boshoku Corp.
  Interior concept mock-up “T-BLISS” Reference exhibits Paying special attention to touch and feel, we develop seats that envelop passengers in comfort and give consideration to light, sound and smell. Always keeping your comfort in mind, we create new interior concepts with the aim to provide you with the ultimate in pleasure. The unique shape of the “T-BLISS” expresses our image of interiors that we desire to share with the world over.  
  Sport seats Currently available We pursue the development of sports seats that envelop passengers and provide support for the body on any road so that you feel as if you are one with the car.  
  Dedicated sports seat for automobile racing Currently available Every year the Nurburgring 24 Hours endurance race is held in Germany. This seat was installed in the GAZOO Racing team’s racecar and was developed by Toyota Boshoku especially for the race. The seat embodies Toyota Boshoku’s innovative style and utilizes a unique color gradation design.  
  Filtration and Powertrain Components Currently available Our high standard filtration technology provides the most advanced filters for air intake, lubrication, and air conditioning systems.  
  Precision stamping technology Reference exhibits We have many examples of craft work made by our craftsmen utilizing skills from Toyota Boshoku's unique precision stamping technology.  
E3203Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
  xEV on board charger (OBC) Reference exhibits  
  xEV motor type-LL Reference exhibits  
  xEV motor type-L Reference exhibits  
  xEV motor type-M Reference exhibits  
  xEV motor type-S Reference exhibits  
  xEV motor (SiC inverter integrated) Reference exhibits  
  xEV Inverter (air cooled 4GS) Reference exhibits  
  xEV Inverter (water cooled 4GL) Reference exhibits  
  xEV EV-ECU Reference exhibits  
  xEV battery management Unit (BMU) Reference exhibits  
  XEV motor controller unit for electric power steering system Reference exhibits  
  EV Charger-discharger collaborating with PV Inverter to optimize the power generation and consumptio Reference exhibits  
  Stop/start starter for change of mind Reference exhibits  
  New small & light starter Reference exhibits  
  New generation alternator Reference exhibits  
  Motor-Generator Reference exhibits  
  2nd generation (2G) motor controller unit for electric power steering system Reference exhibits  
  The third generation intelligent power unit for small-sized motor Reference exhibits  
  The fourth generation intelligent power unit for large-sized motor Reference exhibits  
  Power modules for automotive inverters J-Series IPM TYPE+B Reference exhibits  
  Power Modules for Automotive Inverters J1-Series (6in1 Type) Reference exhibits  
  Next generation magnetic detection element (TMR) Reference exhibits  
  Motor-module for shift-by-wire Reference exhibits  
  Micro air flow sensor Reference exhibits  
  Engine control unit Reference exhibits  
  Transmission control unit Reference exhibits  
  Ignition coil with ION current detection Reference exhibits  
  EGR valve Reference exhibits  
  Electric waste gate actuator Reference exhibits  
  Motor for vehicle drive Reference exhibits  
  Network system for body controls Reference exhibits  
  Camera application technology for vehicle safety Reference exhibits  
  Multi-modal character input HMI Reference exhibits  
  Wide view slim display Reference exhibits  
  Intelligent information panel Reference exhibits  
  Automotive terrestrial digital TV tuner for worldwide use Reference exhibits  
  Audio navi system DIATONE SOUND. NAVI Currently available  
  DIATONE speaker Currently available  
  DSRC onboard unit Currently available  
E4001Jatco Ltd.
  Jatco CVT8: new-generation CVT for large FWD vehicles Currently available  
  Jatco CVT8 new-generation CVT for medium FWD vehicles Currently available  
  Transmissions for large FWD hybrid vehicles Currently available  
  Transmissions for medium FWD hybrid vehicles Reference exhibits  
  Jatco CVT7: CVT with auxiliary gearbox for mini FWD vehicles Currently available  
  Jatco CVT7: CVT with auxiliary gearbox for compact FWD vehicles Currently available  
  Transmissions for RWD hybrid vehicles Currently available  
  7-speed AT for medium and large RWD vehicles Currently available  
  4-speed AT for small FWD vehicles Currently available  
WP Future CVT concept model Reference exhibits  
  CVT operational model Others  
E5008Asteer Co., Ltd.
  Capless Fuel Filler Pipe Reference exhibits By elimination of cap open/close operation, convenience at the time of refueling is increased and it serves for prevention of fuel leak caused by user's mis-handling. Therefore, this new fuel system is safe and comfortable when self-refueling.  
JP MissFuel Inhibitor Reference exhibits Using unique latch structure, reliable identification of fuel nozzle diameter becomes possible, and it prevents securely from mis-refueling with different fuel. As the design is compact, post-assembling to fuel filler pipe of conventional size is possible.
JP Non Return Valve Reference exhibits By adopting resin spring structure utilizing resin characteristic, we eliminated successfully the assembly process in order to pursuit low cost. It is possible to correspond to In-tank specification (Heat resistance specification).
  Smart Hot Press Reference exhibits Direct application of electricity is adopted as heating method, and by utilizing our original partial non-hardening technology, it becomes possible to optimize energy absorption characteristic by control of deformation mode at passive impact and to prevent breakage of welded area. In addition, further strengthening can be possible by combination with roll forming.  
  Closs Car Beam Reference exhibits Low cost and light weight are realized by structural simplification by integrating the functions and by an use of thinner wall material achieved with patented structure.  
  Water-Proof Trumpet Horn Currently available Trumpet horn with waterproof, anti-dust measures.It has a structure to prevent the intrusion of water and pebbles with a lid into the opening. It's used as genuine parts in car maker.  
E5101NTN Corp.
  In-wheel Motor System Others  
  Electromechanical Brake System Others  
WP EV Comuter “Q'moⅡ” Reference exhibits The “Q’mo” drew attention at the last Tokyo Motor Show. New advanced “Q’moII”has the features of Q’mo’s “Pivot Turn” and “Lateral Move” which are the characteristic of the car with In-Wheel Motor. In addition, we have improved overall car body structure and steering system in order to be functional vehicle. Q’mII achieves the maximum speed 60 km/h, because it was greatly improved driving stability. It also has enough space which two adults sit side by side in a compact body by the in-wheel motor. NTN has the concept of a vehicle that can be easily used for the short distance moving such as shopping to the neighborhood and picking children up to the station.We are represented fun and convenience of In-Wheel Motor EV by the actual movement of the Q'moII.
  Microcompact EV Reference exhibits  
  Ultra Lightweight Vehicle Reference exhibits  
WP Rear-Wheel independent steering system Reference exhibits Rear-wheel independent steering system controls left and right wheel steering independently, mechanically disconnected from front steering mechanism. Steering shaft consists of two rods connected by screw, which has variable length depending on engaging screw length. This system is combined type steering which steers rear wheel of both side collectively, and yet it can perform toe angle control as well as same phase / opposite phase steering with front wheel. It does not affect unsprung weight because the system is fixed to vehicle chassis. And also, rigid connection between both sides can balance steady load from left and right, by compensating each other. It contributes to improvement of motion performance of next-generation vehicles such as internal combustion engine vehicle and EV-HEV, by controlling rear wheel by-wire and in coordination with front wheel steering.
  Dinamic Model of Constant Velocity Joint / High Performance Lightweight Hub Joint Reference exhibits  
  EPTJ Compact Shudderless Pillow Journal Tripod Joint Others  
  Next Generation High Efficiency Fixed type CVJ (CFJ) Others  
WP High performance deep groove ball bearing for transmission Others High-performance deep groove ball bearing for transmission created by three new technology ① High thrust load deep groove ball bearing This bearing provides an optimum shape for bearing ring grooves, and the use of a newly designed assembly cage increases the thrust load capacity of standard bearings. ② Self-formed seal low torque deep groove ball bearing Seal of this bearing form a minute gap between the inner ring and seal during the initial stages of bearing operation by optimal seal design and improvement of rubber material composition. These designs prevent penetration of foreign objects into the bearing that reduce its operating life, while also achieve the torque equivalent to the non-contact seal. ③ Enhanced anti-indentation technology This technology has reduced the Brinell Indentation depth to 1/2 compared to that of standard heat treatment. The possibility of substituting from taper roller bearing and significantly lower torque increases by this technology.
  Hub Joint with Incorporated Advanced Sensor Technology Others  
  High Performance Lightweight Hub Joint Others  
  Linear Type Electric Actuator Others  
WP Ball-Screw Drive Module for Electric Hydraulic Brake Others Ball screw drive module that combined with support bearing and the powder metaled component parts etc.. The Ball screw drive module converts accurately rotational motion of the motor into linear motion in order to obtain the accurately hydraulic brake force. By using the strong points of the ball screw, our goal is to improved vehicle running range expansion.
WP Hollow Ball-Screw Unit Others A hollow ball screw unit is developed for CVT application for next generation. Features of this product will be more than 70% conversion efficiency (rotation to Linear slide force) and 20% smaller nut diameter. This new unit has typical feather for light weight and compactness, especially it could eliminate one key-component “Deflector” of previous design, as a result, it obtains lighter weight and compactness design. This new unit will be used for pulley width change purpose of CVT, and contribute for good fuel economy. Additionally, it will be contributed lighter weight and compactness of entire CVT system.
  Super Low Friction Hub Bearing Others  
  Roller Speed Reducer Reference exhibits  
  Hub Bearing for Severe Environment Others  
  High Speed Deep Groove Ball Bearing Others  
  High Speed and Low Torque Deep Groove Ball Bearing Others  
  Engine model experience with rolling contact Others  
  Low Friction Chain Lever and Guide Others  
  Split-type Needle Roller Bearing for Automotive Engine Others  
  Chain Tensioner Others  
  Millimeter-wave Radar Antennas Reference exhibits  
  High Density, High Strength Others  
  New Mgnetic Sensor with TMR technology for rotation and position sensing Others  
  True Power On type Magnetic Angle Sensor Others  
E5104Goodyear Japan Ltd.
JP Vector 4Seasons Currently available
E5105The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
  Tire grip mechanism (technology explanation) Others Using illustrations, video and hands-on equipment, we will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of YOKOHAMA's proprietary technology for realizing wet-grip performance Level a , the highest level shown on required labeling in Japan, as well as Yokohama’s original technology for achieving superior grip on studless tires. ・Tire grip technology (compound development technology) ・Tire grip technology (pattern development technology)  
  Tire aerodynamics and rectification technologies(technology explanation) Reference exhibits We will explain our advanced technology for reducing aerodynamic drag on vehicles in order to further improve fuel-efficiency. The explanation will focus on tires from the following two perspectives. (1)Lowering tire's air resistance Technique for reducing air resistance generated by tires, with particular attention to sidewall shape (2)Lowering vehicle's air resistance We studied air resistance emanating near the tire and succeeded in developing an advanced technology that uses the tire to control airflow and raise the aerodynamic effect for the entire vehicle.  
  Concept EV "AERO-Y" Reference exhibits This exhibit presents the “AERO-Y”, a concept electric vehicle that demonstrates YOKOHAMA’s ability to contribute to car development through the use of an assortment of proprietary technologies used in many automotive components, not just tires. (1)Tire aerodynamic technologies (contribution to lower fuel consumption) (2)Light body materials (lower fuel efficiency vehicle by reducing vehicle weight) (3)Adhesive technologies (technologies for bonding different materials)  
E5106Matsui Universal Joint Corp.
  PROPELLER SHAFT Currently available  
E5107Fuji Kiko Co., Ltd.
  Fujikiko parts applied seat assembly Currently available 1. Application of Powered Seat-track for stepped floor 2. Application of stepless Powered Recliner which has the structure for reventing from looseness  
  Smart positioning steering column system Reference exhibits 1. Adjustable steering wheel position system to driver want to set any position without lever / switch. 2. It will make easier to geto on/off to vehicle by steering wheel sliding to the passenger side. 3. it will be locked wheel position on during driver the vehicle for your safety.  
  Automatic retractable seat Reference exhibits seat for 2nd & 3rd -Target: Half speed of retraction/return  
  New series of round type recliners & recliner assembly Currently available 1.New round recliner series, 2,000/4,000Nm strength. 2.High performance , light weight , slim by unifying core parts.  
  Variable energy absorption system Reference exhibits This is reducing the risk injury system for driver at vehicle crash.   It will be optimised the energy absorbing performance to any driver's weight by stepless variable E/A system.  
  Compact type straight A/T shifter Reference exhibits Straight type A/T shifter with compact,light weight and improvement of shift feeling by studying the part structure.  
  Standard type A/T shifter. Currently available A/T shifter with light weight and lower cost by unifying core parts.  
  Shift by wire Reference exhibits  
E5108Kyowa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
E5201NSK Ltd.
  High-Performance Cartridge Bearing for Automotive Turbochargers Reference exhibits Achieved higher assembling accuracy and lower vibration by integrating into one unit. Decrease frictional loss by 50%, by changing sliding bearing into rolling bearing.  
  Toroidal Variator Module for FWD Vehicle Reference exhibits Continuously variable transmission module for all segments FWD-vehicle. Continuous variable ratio, high efficiency, wide ratio coverage and high-speed response contributes higher fuel efficiency by keeping engine speed optimum and augments comfort by smooth and quick ratio change.  
  Torque Sensor for Automatic Transmission Reference exhibits  
WP Extremely High-Speed Planetary Needle Roller Bearing Reference exhibits Special coating for cage in planetary gear sets, to adjust bearings to ultra high rotational speed. Achieved increasing rotational speed of pinion gears by two times compared to standard bearing or 1.5 times compared to conventional high-speed-bearing, and adjusts bearings to multi-step AT and contributes to higher efficiency of HEV.  
  Thrust Needle Roller Bearing with oil flow control Reference exhibits The outer race of the bearing is designed to improve the ease of flow of the AT oil into the bearing. Also, holes have been added in the cage to improve oil flow. As a result, oil penetration into the bearing is more than 2 times that of the conventional part. Optimizing the balance of oil supply in the AT unit in this manner makes it possible to reduce the size of oil pumps.  
  High-Reliability Hub Unit Bearing for Driven Wheel Reference exhibits Changed inner seal into a newly developed cap in the inner body of the car. Achieved lower frictional loss and keeping higher sealing function by containing both metal and rubber fitting surface.  
  Column EPS with Adjacently Mounted ECU Currently available  
  Ball Screw for Regenerative Braking System Others  
  Super Long Life Ball Bearing EQTF TM Currently available The extremely long life ball bearing developed for use in transmissions which achieved longer life by using strengthened rolling elements for surface originated flaking by contaminations in transmission oil. The products can reduce the bearing size about 50% (weight %) by using strengthened balls.  
  Two-Way Clutch Currently available  
  Tandem One-Way Clutch Reference exhibits  
  Electric Vehicle Drive System Reference exhibits  
WP Advanced Assist Steering Reference exhibits The advanced steering assist tecnology where the controls of the electric power steering and the wheel hub motor are integrated. A demonstration of automated driving and emergency avoidance assit will be shown, utilizing the quick response of the wheel hub motor.  
  Wheel Hub Motor Reference exhibits A light-weight and high-power wheel-hub-motor which includes a transmission mechanism. The compact built-in transmission is realized by the two motors and one-way cluth. Other NSK's tecnologies such as a gearbox integrated hub bearing unit are incorporated as well.  
WP Gearbox and ECU integrated column type EPS Reference exhibits The integration of the ECU and gearbox enables to eliminate the heat sink and to reduce the weight. The ECU is further downsized so that it can be equipped to the system of mid-size vehicles where the conventional ECU's cannot.  
  Lead-Robot with Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities Reference exhibits NSK will showcase an wheel-type robot which guides users to their intended destination, avoiding obstacles in their path. NSK developed an algorithm that calculates a safe travel trajectory using the robot's direction and speed combined with the distance to obstacles acquired via sensor input. This makes it possible for the robot to guide the user through narrow passages. A combination and unification of these robot technologies and the advanced assist steering system mentioned above will push the electric vehicle innovation including pre-crash safety system and intelligent transport system. NSK will help to realize a world of advanced mobility by combining of these robot technologies and four core technologies based on our automotive bearings and steering systems.  
E5202JTEKT Corp.
JP Others  
E5203Advics Co., Ltd.
  Cooperative Regenerative Brake System Currently available Contribute to Mileage-improvement suitable for Hybrid-Vehicle and Electric-Vehicle.  
  High Performance Disc Brake for Motorsport Currently available ・Extremely light weight and high stiffness aluminum radial mount mono-block fixed caliper. ・Light weight and high radiation 2 piece brake disc.  
E5206Rays Co., Ltd.
WP VOLK RACING TE37Ultra Reference exhibits
E5207Mito Tool Mfg. Co., Inc.
  a tool Currently available  
E5208Kyoto Tool Co., Ltd.
  nepros Others  
  digital-ratchet Others  
E6009Schaeffler AG
  Concept car eSolutions 48V Others Products can contribute to reduce CO2 emissions without high voltage and electric power to the transmission, engine, hybrid ranging in a variety of products.  
  High-voltage Electric Axle Others 2-speed electric drive with electromechanical torque vectoring (active torque distribution) Coaxial design, Water-cooled electric motors, Transmission in planetary design, Electromechanical torque vectoring  
  Hybrid Module Others Compact hybrid module with clutch system integrated into the rotor of the E-machine - Internal combustion engine can be disconnected during electric driving and during recuperation with low losses due to dry clutch technology - Dual disc design for torque capacity of up to 450 Nm - The combustion engine can be quickly activated due to low primary inertia. - External arc spring damper provides a high degree of isolation for any kind of attached transmission technology - Damper integrated centrifugal pendulum absorber for further reduced engine speeds  
  eWheelDrive Others - High performance density - No tooth mesh - Outstanding control quality due to direct transmission of force - Completely new vehicle concepts with superior utilization of space - Allows extreme maneuverability - Delivers excellent driving dynamics and fulfills high safety requirements  
  Comparison Wheel Bearings Others - 3rd generation wheel bearing unit, with low-friction sealing system, for front and rear wheels. - For long operating life, high operational reliability and reduced CO2 emissions  
  Wrap spring permanently engaged starter (PES) Others Enables cold start, Friction contact via wrap spring on the converting housing.  
  Wedge One Way Clutch (OWC) Others ­- Reduction of one way clutch width ­- Accommodates axial length requirements of FWD torque converters - Smaller drag torque than roller one way clutch ­- Lock-up possible in any position and less components and less strict surface finish requirements than in sprag, ratchet or roller one way clutch ­- Stamped clamping elements  
  INA PES (cut model) Others The radial configuration of both the double raw angular contact ball bearing and the roller clutch leads to an extremely narrow construction in line with the fair transferable torque. Provides change of mind function at an enhanced NVH standard (no slip-in noise). Designed für passenger cars to be mounted on the crank-shaft between the combustion engine and transmission.  
  Hybrid Damper Others •primary mass with flex plate, reduce crankshaft stress •integration with inner damper or CPA possible  
  Travel-adjusted clutch actuation model Others • Robust adjustment system • Characterictic stability over lifetime • Nonsensitive against axial dynamic effects • Free choice of the behavior for release load characteristic • Constant finger height  less operation range of release system • More available space for dampered disc  
  Hydraulic chain drive tensioner Others -for constant damping, precisely adjustable to customer request and durable over life time, excellent system control -for securely controlled chain drive sytem dynamics, also “Start-Stop”  
  Belt Tensioner With Mechanical and Hydraulic Damping Others maintenance-free, for low noise levels, long service life  
  Engine: EA888 Gen3 Audi Others In-Line Four Cylinder Engine with Variable Valve Timing Displacement: 1,798 cm³ Power: 125 kW (170 PS) for speed of 3800 rpm to 6200 rpm Max. torque: 320 Nm for speed of 1500 rpm to 3700 rpm Compression ratio: 9.6:1  
  Chrysler Tiger Shark Engine Others 4-cylinder In-line Engine with MultiAir Valve Train Capacity: 2360 cm³ Power: 138 kW (184 PS) at 6250 rpm Max. torque: 200 Nm at 4800 rpm  
  Ford Fox Engine Others In-Line Three Cylinder Engine with Variable Valve Timing Displacement: 999 cm³ Power: 92 kW (125 PS) for speed of 6000 rpm Max. torque: 170 Nm with overboost: 200 Nm for speed of 1500 to 4500 rpm Compression Ratio 10:1  
  Honda “i-DCD” DCT Others Double Clutch Transmission Honda “i-DCD” DCT •Best in class in terms of efficiency due to •A dry double clutch •Actuation by means of a twin CSC without leakage losses •A highly efficient, demand-controlled actuator system for shifting and clutch activation  
  Subaru Lineartronic CVT cut model Others All-wheel Drive CVT Transmission, Subaru Lineartronic with CVT chain and guide rails