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Interactive Communication Cockpit
The Interactive Communication Cockpit is filled with DENSO's proprietary sensing and human machine interface (HMI) technologies, and is designed to provide visitors with an experience of near-future driving that DENSO envisions.

Asteer Co., Ltd.

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MissFuel Inhibitor
Using unique latch structure, reliable identification of fuel nozzle diameter becomes possible, and it prevents securely from mis-refueling with different fuel. As the design is compact, post-assembling to fuel filler pipe of conventional size is possible.
Non Return Valve
By adopting resin spring structure utilizing resin characteristic, we eliminated successfully the assembly process in order to pursuit low cost. It is possible to correspond to In-tank specification (Heat resistance specification).

Goodyear Japan Ltd.

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Vector 4Seasons


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Bosch Corp.

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Automated driving
Ninety percent of traffic accidents are caused by human error. Automated driving functions can prevent drivers’ misjudgment or operation mistakes and contribute significantly to the realization of accident and injury free driving. In addition, we can expect improvements in comfort and convenience from the fact that divers will be freed up from particular driving operations. It will also eliminate wasted time due to traffic jams and allow for effective use of time.
Safety demonstrator
Safety demonstrator which you can experience driver assistance functions at each road condition or situation. Functions you can experience: Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear View, Road Sign Recognition, Predictive Emergency Braking System, Lane Change Assist, Lane Keep Support, Adaptive High Beam Control, Driver Drowsiness Detection.
SVC - Stereo video camera
The stereo video camera, a single sensor enables a range of driver assistance functions to improve safety and comfort. With the stereo camera, Bosch offers a scalable platform that combines the established functions of a mono camera with the benefits of the three-dimensional (3D) environment detection offered by stereo technology. The different mono and stereo cameras use the same system architecture with a scalable hardware and software concept. As a result, the stereo camera's range of functions can be adapted to customer requirements on a large scale.
iBooster - Vacuum-independent brake booster
Dynamics and safety — not just the domain of electric and hybrid vehicles The electromechanical iBooster works independently from external vacuum generators and is therefore ideal for electric and hybrid vehicles. The iBooster offers great pressure build-up dynamics, a high degree of pressure control accuracy and is extremely quiet. When combined with driver assistance systems, the iBooster is the solution to meet the demands required for braking dynamics, safety and comfort.
Automated park assist
Automatic park assist Precise parking into narrow parking spaces - even without driver Functionality: Automatic maneuvering in and out of parking spaces Takes over independently control of steering, braking, engine and gears Optional: remote-controlled parking Driver keeps in charge - he/she can stop parking maneuver at any time.
Valet parking
Functionality: Building data and information on a free parking space are transferred to the vehicle. The driver confirms the Automated parking function and leaves the vehicle. The vehicle parks automatically and sends a confirmation Vehicle parked to the driver.
This new Bosch solution aims to integrate smartphones into the vehicle. In other words, this technology safely brings the internet into the car. Via mySpin, smartphone apps appear on the central console's display.
INVCON2.3 which is to be exhibited in Japan for the first time is the Bosch high power inverter and DC/DC converter integrated into a common housing. This has been in series production for EV and PHEV since 2013. It contains high flexibility for electric motor even from other suppliers and generates high torque for the electric motor due to high load current.
Piezo injector CRI3-25
The piezo injectors - CRI3-25 (Japan premier) operate so quickly that they accomplish up to eight injections per cycle. They maintain a consistent performance level with reduced flow through the hydraulic nozzle. That contributes to emissions reduction as well as reducing combustion noise. The Common rail system - CRS3-25 equipped with CRI3-25 High injection pressures of up to 2500 bar make it possible to realize downsizing concepts.
Transmission technology
We will exhibit a comprehensive portfolio of transmission components such as an electronic module 3rd generation (Japan premier) which combines the electronic components of the transmission control and a compact and light weight pushbelt permitting an infinite number of transmission ratios without torque interruption.
Electronic Module 3
Our future generation solution of electronic module combining electronic components of the transmission control is to be exhibited in Japan for the first time. This was developed to fulfill the increasing complexity of future transmissions. It features high functional density improved by utilizing a high temperature conductor plate for the module wiring and minimal packaging height realized by integrating a hybrid control unit in a molded housing.

MAHLE Filter Systems Japan Corp.

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Controlled coolant pump
Controlled coolant pump with valve control and integrated hydraulic regulation
Air intake module with integrated charge air cooler
Air intake module with integrated cascaced charge air cooler and coolant pump
Intake manifold
Air intake module with power valve and TCV valve
Plastic head cover
Plastic head cover with integrated oil mist separation
Oil mist separator
Switched oil mist separator
Evolite gasoline piston
The latest lightweight gasoline piston from MAHLE.
Steel piston for passenger car applications
Steel pistons for passenger car applications, including Monotherm, TopWeld and laser-welded MonoGuide
EVOTEC piston
The latest EVOTEC family of gasoline pistons
Aluminum pistons for passenger car applications
Aluminum pistons for diesel application, such as fiber-reinforced diesel piston; and diesel piston with remelted bowl rim and elevated salt core cooling gallery
Piston pin
DLC-coated piston pin: high wear resistance against scuffing, very low adhesion affinity, low friction coefficient  Lightweight piston pins
Valves from MAHLE, including -EvoTherm valve: increased cavity to reduce valve plate temperature and for reduced knocking sensitivity -TopTherm valve: significant reduction of valve plate temperature for reduced knocking sensitivity and for applications with extremely high exhaust gas temperatures - Tribological valve system - valve, valve guide, valve seat insert
Steel piston for commercial vehicle applications
Steel pistons for commercial vehicle applications, including Monotherm, Monoweld, and Monolite.

Isamu Paint Co., Ltd.

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Lens reformer

Koiwai Co., Ltd.

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EBM build