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Commercial Vehicles


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Hino Poncho Mini (small-sized EV community bus concept)
Hino Poncho Mini is a next-generation community bus, both friendly to people and the environment, that is easy to get on and off and runs quietly without polluting the air. Naturally, its environmental impact is low, and its low non-step floor unique to EVs provides the benefits of making boarding easy, even with a wheelchair or stroller, and facilitating storage of a large volume of luggage. The compact body of the bus allows smooth driving in the city and supports the day-to-day needs of its passengers.
Light-duty commercial EV platform full-size model
The light-duty commercial EV platform can be applied to both buses and trucks. This is a full-size model in which the EV mechanisms and structure and the ultra-low-floor layout unique to EV's are represented in an easy-to-understand manner.
Hino Melpha Plug-In Hybrid (equipped with external power supply function)
This is a plug-in hybrid bus equipped with external power supply function useful in times of need . It can be used both ordinarily to contribute to lives as a mobile health clinic and as a shelter and clinic during times of disaster. The power generated by the diesel engine is stored in a large capacity battery which can supply power to both the inside and outside of the vehicle allowing it to be used as shelter lighting or as an emergency power supply for mobile phones and home appliances.


Booth No.EC03

Quon Fuel Demonstrator
The Quon Fuel Demonstrator is a laboratory on wheels, dedicated to higher fuel efficiency so that our customers can achieve greater business success through our technology and concepts. Three main areas have been focused on: First, improvement of driveline efficiency is being further pursued by downsizing the 11-litre engine for the Quon CD 25-t cargo to an 8-litre engine with sufficient driveability. Second, aerodynamic parts have been designed based on analysis to reduce wind drag for more fuel-efficient driving. And third, an innovative Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) using GPS and road data to predict upcoming slopes and curves, supports drivers to improve fuel efficiency in their driving.