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Electric refuse truck
We have jointly developed a new-system electric refuse truck with Hino Motors, Ltd., on which refuse can be loaded by the electric motor for traveling on the hybrid chassis. On this electric refuse truck, either electric drive or engine drive can be selected depending on the working condition or the site condition, and in the electric drive mode, it realizes zero exhaust gas emission and reduced noise during operation because operation can be performed with the engine stopped. The new system, which is a simple system, requires no dedicated motor, battery, nor inverter to drive the loading system. This enables the electric refuse truck to have almost the same level load capacity and body capacity as that of usual PTO-type refuse truck, and also enables easy maintenance including daily inspection.
Single car carrier turck
For this new-type single car carrier truck, we have realized a significant improvement in design while retaining the sufficient functions and equipment that have been favorably received on the conventional type. By using pressing and powder coating for the tailgate, high appearance quality has been realized due to improvements in design and rust-preventive ability. In addition, by using bolt-fastening structure, ease of maintenance has also been improved. We provide some variations of the step panel that can be selected depending on the use. For the front frame, a design that enables simple appearance while ensuring sufficient visibility from the driver’s seat is used. In addition, by using FRP cover for the guard frame, rust-preventive ability has also been improved.
40ft High Cube Both Side Wing Container
Nittsu Shoji succeeded in development of a long-awaited 40 feet wing container as an international marine container. In the old marine container, cargo work efficiency was one of the big problems because the container was only capable of cargo in-and-out from the rear door. This container at this exhibition is what we have challenged boldly and solved this problem. The basic foundation of the design was “field eye-line”. Special equipments or plants are unnecessary. For example, the opening and closing the sides of the wing container are done by a normal electric drill or by hand manually, in which the opinion from the field staff was valued. The big advantage is that delivery to the destination by this container will be realized, as cargo work from the side of the container being possible in domestic and international distribution! It is great advantage compared to the old logistics in which you need to deliver and classify cargo in a warehouse first, transship, and then delivering. It is greatly expected as a key to an efficiency increase and cost cut.